• Austin IABC Offer New Ways For Collaborating With Colleagues

    IABC Austin realizes the importance of socializing with fellow communicators, and has two unique ways to get some quality face-time in with industry peers.

  • “What’s Next?” for Communicators Making A Career Change

    As both IABC and PRSA continue to focus on a new certification process and the development of a career map across multiple levels of experience, AustinIABC has assembled a panel discussion comprised of three experienced communicators, John Weisblatt, Kelli Kelley and Bonnie Anderson,who have successfully managed their communication skills as a foundation for a different career path.

  • Persuasive Writing Workshop Offered by John Sturtevant

    During a one-day Persuasive Writing Workshop in Austin, John Sturtevant will point the way to turn information into knowledge helping managers, colleagues, and customers understand complex ideas and make educated decisions.